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THE NUMBER ONE LOVER MATE SYSTEM : "it's science"(read into it)


Picture an exact number of "people"* and each 'boy' is paired with a 'girl' ... (an optimal mate system theory) ~


1G+1B, 2G+2B, 3G+3B, 4G+4B, 5G+5B ... etc etc

'ALL OF OUR NAMES'(every person is accounted for)

*This could translate for all sorts of creatures.


THE THOUGHT THAT YOU CHOOSE YOUR MATE and YOUR MATE CHOOSES YOU(something which is mutual and consensual) THE FEELING is : that it is how it was/is DESIGNED TO BE. You are unique to each other. Something that happened in the "beginning" and something that has the potential ability to happen in each life-path "there-after".  It may also be true that you would not see your "number one mate" in a particular life.(this is no reason to stop focusing on and realizing this design)

 As you are reading this, you may or may not be sitting with your respective "number one". The thought is that you would EVOLVE/stabilize(as sometimes evolution, in certain contexts is about stabilization) to come back over and over again to line up with the SAME-INDIVIDUAL* who is designed to be with you where-ever/when-ever you exist. (*your "number one lover")

PERHAPS this setup/system can either be "helped" to function better ~ where you and your mate come back with each other LIFE-AFTER-LIFE positioned in a more peaceful fashion(where-ever you may be around the universe) or you as an individual can HURT YOUR CHANCES for this more : PEACEFUL DESIRABLE  CONDITION.

MAYBE OVER TIME we can build SECURITY/strength in the SYSTEM as we as "creatures" work together on something... To make a safe and healthier system within which to exist linked/incorporated in with this "number one lover" application.

Is it "KARMIC-tied"? Something which is related/connected to all sorts of things we do to OUR fellow man and other creatures... Even considering perhaps just intentions which are tied in with how we feel and often then in turn how we outwardly express our feelings. 

Is there logic behind saying that if you interfere wrongly with another's mate it will reflect on YOUR MATE position?(there may be differences between MALICE, IGNORANT or ACCIDENTAL types of interference ~ As far as suggesting different "weights/rates" , depending on the situation. )



CONCERNING THE MATE SYSTEM : perhaps over time INDIVIDUALS will SEE "THIS" ABOUT OUR SYSTEM and if we teach our children/parents/brothers/sisters this ideology ~ perhaps it will better our stance and focus to realization of this system.  

FINE TUNES (it's like a machine we are part of, that we can "tune up" by and thru how we behave) A better functioning machine so to speak. This whole process/ideation is NOT being reduced to a "machine" to "make light" of or downplay the situation rather to use such terminology(machine) in attempt to make relation and explain how we can better function to exist. Maybe the IDEATION/knowledge will "catch on" and it won’t be lost over time. To know about this in order to help better "GUIDE us" so to speak.

Theoretically: If you did bad/wrong/misguided things and it distanced you from your "number one lover" you can do things to get back on track. (direct or indirect TRANSLATION)


As is being suggested here on this page : Will it be proven/shown/realized that EACH person has a NUMBER ONE MATE? Would virtually all people come to realize they can reach and STABILIZE this GREAT LOVE or they can create more distance and destabilize it?


How do we treat one another? (all creatures)



Concerning "ONE LOVE"(package deal)

1+1=2 (with the thought of "one love" retained in the EMBRACE of 2)

Will certain people who "DOUBT-THIS" now, LATER wish they came to GRASP/envision it sooner?


Are there "FORCES" outside of what we would call "creatures" that would in fact be "ENTITIES unto themselves" who/which would either HELP or HURT this overall process, depending on perhaps "steps" man takes or does not take?(or not depending on) How does this relate to what we do as an INTERACTING individual?  Questions of : Dependent/independent factors.

In the "realm" of ALL CREATURES or "ENTITIES unto themselves" are there those who do not behave in accordance with the mate system as a PAIRED fashion as is being suggested here on this page but perhaps they have/do something that RELATES and/or interacts with "the mate system" as to make KARMIC-ties or other factors translatable.  INTERACTION/INTERELATION

PERHAPS IT IS NOT JUST ALL ABOUT "KARMA". More Purely there is perhaps ~ A MUTUAL DESIRE. (at the CORE/heart of the matter, underneathe it all)   A genuine desire for peace, freedom and happiness. Doing the right thing; which we sense to know truly makes us more free.


THINK of this world/universe as to set it up where CREATURES can live peacefully in their OWN "DOMINION", so to speak.

KEY PHRASE : Say no to rape in all its forms.

Instead of WRONGLY HARMING and devouring them, wiser MAN should want to HELP animals LIVE in NICE ~ "freedom-oriented", "non-rapeful diet" type environments(living-situations).


Veganism involves a "non-rapeful diet", usually a TRUE-VEGETARIAN diet. It is not just about diet; it involves itself with leading a lifestyle and working to establish framework and hopefully the existence of "NO RAPE", universal.




ON another issue relating to you as an INDIVIDUAL:

Any given one of us may come into existence in any number of different ways in any given life.

Perhaps "you" as an individual MAY come back again existing with a "VARIANCE" in form depending on various situations. Accidental/inadvertent or ON PURPOSE. Sometimes things happen for various reasons.(positive or negative).

I think WE would all hope for a more "as pure/healthy" form as possible in a "PEACEFUL SAFE ENVIRONMENT" within which to exist.  Different factors may play a role in determining this ...


Ask this QUESTION;

Generally speaking, does the RAPED and MURDERED meat and other RAPED animal-products produce more "negative" relations between individuals? In other words ~ The suggestion here is that it's "DISTURBING/disrupting" the pathway to HIGHER LOVE.

There may be other "DELETERIOUS-EXPOSURES" which are concerned/involved with "beyond-veganism" which may affect the "MATE-LINEUP". Perhaps relating to :CHEMICAL SAFETY ~ environmental concerns of LAND, AIR, and WATER; among other things/aspects.



WE OFTEN THINK of it as the INDIVIDUAL who is being raped who is HURT which may TRAGICALLY be true in that moment or as result of the rape. However, here is a THOUGHT: Ultimately when someone RAPEs another it "disfigures/weakens" them(the rapist) and "further separates" them(the rapist) from their individual "NUMBER ONE LOVER" and the OPTIMAL STANCE, over time ...  IN SOME CASES: The CONCEPT and understanding has not yet been realized ~ that it is NOT just about that exact moment or "that particular life".(the current life situation/moment ONE is living)

["time" enters this equation ] : If the message could be told and realized ...  When people take the TIME to do rapeful things to another, they are placing more distance between their current position and where they really want to be.  Some may suggest that IT's all about TIME.

If we each ask ourself : "Are we doing anything that is WRONGLY INFRINGING upon another?" If nobody was doing WRONG to any other creature, just think of the BETTER WORLD and universe at large we would inhabit.

The thought is that if WE spend OUR time doing NURTURING and HEALING things instead of rapeful things, well ~ the thought is, that it is BETTER.


Considering the general premise : This is the ultimate, isn’t it? Why settle for any type of life which is less than the best? What could possibly be higher/better than having a system set up in this fashion where everyone EXISTS connected/paired with their "number one lover"? Why would LIFE "be based on" anything less.


These thoughts/questions, are just that ~  thoughts/questions: such is PRESENTED with BEST INTENTIONS for all, hope in peace, with and FOR love

LIFE, may the positive-force be with us.



love is freedom